Deloitte University Press

Deloitte University Press is a custom curated content destination that delivers insights, analysis, and perspectives for business and government.

Responsive Website Redesign and Adobe Experience Manager Migration 

DU Press came to Deloitte Digital seeking an eCommerce suite that would stitch together content management, content delivery, analytics, all while being completely personalization to the viewer. The client knew they wanted the new site to be sleek and clean referencing such pillars of this design language as Vox, Harvard Business Review and Wired. While having a hard working, easy to navigate backend for the large content team that would be interacting with this site daily.

While working in an agile development, our close work with the client, the developers, and the AEM engineers allowed the creative team to concept, design and deliver a stunning self-managed design solution in a rapid timeline. The result of this work was an enhanced customer experience that translated to increased online revenue, ease of site updates, extended time on site and increased overall traffic.


Custom User Experience

Bookmarking, ability to share content snippets directly within article, personalized content served based on credentials and browsing history, dynamic article length progress bar, related and suggested content that really matters to a user. The new DU Press site is filled with a wealth of functionally features that increases the viewers on site and drove repeat daily engagement up.

Approach to modular content

By designing a professional and ultra-flexible UI, we were able to create a design that could dynamically accommodate up to any one of the five footprint designs for each of the content types. With a hero, primary, secondary, tertiary and list view option for each content type–curators had the ultimate ability to create dynamic and engaging layouts for any page right at their fingertips via the AEM CMS.